NEW BR-2 (200G - 1500G Capacity)


NEW: 2013-2014 Models all come with a 3-way Recirculating Valve.
3-Way recirculating valve Upgrade: Control how much Nitrates and Phosphates you want to remove or keep in your Aquarium without ever slowing the tumbling speed of the Bio-pellets!
After we finished the NR-1 Nano last year and the Mid range BR-1 the year before, we set out to make a True high performance large unit for large aquariums. The NEW BR-2 is designed for tanks ranging from 200G up to 1500G.
The new BR-2 Conic media reactor works primarily with Bio-pellets (non rounded types) and carbon. the unit runs at a powerful 625GPH using a full sized distribution plate on the bottom, for high volume of water filtration with minimal agitation as compared to jet or tube style returns. All CAD Lights media reactors use a perforated distribution plate designed to offer a "soft curtain" of water evenly pushing through the reactor. Unique tumbling motion that churns, tosses, swirl and pulse against each other that gives you maximum interation and efficiency between the pellets.
Why a cone design?
Because cones naturally make the smaller bottom lightweight and the higher you go the heavier it gets. it uses the "top heavy" phenomena which forces the upper heavier portion of media to push down into the lighter weight bottom, therefore virtually eliminating its chances of clumping. if you look closely, you can see the inner areas tossing upwards while the outter areas are going in a downwards direction.
Constructed of:
100% Aquarium grade Cell-Cast acrylic, incredibly durable Seamless 1-piece cone body, Not thermoformed or joined at a seam.
Overall dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5" x 22.75"
Wattage: 41W
Flow: 625GPH
Construction: 100% Aquarium grade Cell-cast Acrylic
Bio-pellet capacity: 2200ML
Aquarium capacity: 1500G (depending on livestock respectively)
Compatibility: Bio-pellets (non round), Carbon
GFO Kit available for use with GFO
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