NR-1 Pro (Internal/External) 3-in-1 reactor

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NR-1 Pro AIO Media Reactor (Bio-pellets, GFO, Carbon)

Our First ever Internal and External reactor! Works great inside your tank, sump as well as hanging outside of your tank!

The newly released NR-1 is another breakthrough of owner accessibility and powerhouse design. Like previous units, the new NR-1 is made of extra heavy-duty 3/16” seamless cell-cast acrylic, and works flawlessly with bio-pellets of all shapes and sizes, as well as GFO and carbon. A new feature, the pre-filtering foam and strainer kit, helps prolong the life and efficacy of both pump and media inside the reactor.

CAD Lights reactor highlighted feature:
Anti-clumping design: utilizing a full distribution plate, our reactors give unmatched bio-pellet tumbling and flow distribution. Using a fully perforated specially patterned cell-cast acrylic plate, our reactors are high speed yet, gentle as the water comes up in a “curtain” style rather than a “jet” style stream. A “Jet” style stream causes excess agitation to the Bio-pellets and other medias hence decreases the medias efficiency.

Super small footprint at only 2.5" wide, this little reactor packs a good punch in effectively controlling and removing your Nitrates, Phosphates, slime algae and other nuisance algae. It can hold a strong dose of bio-pellets of up to 150ML giving you an aquarium capacity of 40G-50G (depending on your bio-load respectively). Yet it can still fit into an aquarium as small as our 8G, 18G, 34G Mini-II series systems.

• Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5" x 12" (total exterior dimensions including plumbing)

• Pump: Super quiet and Slim TIA Professional pumps at 200GPH and 11.5W.

• Comes with strainer foam and 2 extra foam pads for use with fine media (GFO, Carbon etc.)

• Material: 100% Cell-Cast Acrylic body.

• Compatibility: Bio-pellets (up to 150ML Max.), GFO, Carbon (coarse or fine)

• Capacity: 5G-50G Aquarium volume.

NR-1 Pro Gen-2 (Real time video)

NR-1 Gen-1
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