PLS-50 Elite II


Pushing protein skimming design and technology to the limits is our world Famous PLS-50 line of Pipe-less protein skimmers, where inch for inch the MOST powerful and potent protein skimmer in the industry. at the inception of the original PLS-50 skimmer, we were aiming to make a 50G Protein skimmer as small as possible.

We thought about how we can improve on an already breakthrough skimmer as the original PLS-50 Elite. 2 years of research and development with continuous improvements we have come up with the 3rd Generation PLS-50 Elite II. We increased the strength of the skimmer all around from the body to the pump and all the details making the PLS-50 Elite II more powerful than ever. With all the improvements, the most exciting thing is the compact size (our PLS Pipeless line of skimmers are famous for) at 3.25" x 3.5" x 16" overall! Features of the NEW 3rd Generation PLS-50 Elite II

1) The body: 100% Cell-cast acrylic with an added heavy duty solid 1" thick PVC neck for the collection cup to easily and securely slide in and out of with professional quality durability. Overall dimensions 3.25" x 3.5" x 16"

2) At the heart of the skimmer is the New TIA-18 pump, uses a full needle wheel with 25% stronger flow rate and air draw! all while staying silent as the CADLights TIA pumps are known for. all of which greatly increases the quality and quantity of the skimming ability.

3) For added durability, We upgraded the Volute into heavy duty solid PVC material. Allowing for high volume air draw and consistent performance.

4) Controls. Continuing our Patented breakthrough Pipeless controls, we have increased the drain and intake speeds to give you much better controls and more stabilized fluctuations adjusting the skimmer foam and pressure.

5) The PLS-50 Elite II works both with its bracket or it can be taken off and used as a full in sump skimmer and submerging it into the sump area for a more space saving application.

6) fluctuations improvement: with the new interior flow controls, the PLS-50 Elite II, is better at maintaining consistent water heights in an even greater water level range.

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