PLS-50 Elite II New Release

Pushing protein skimming design and technology to the limits is our world Famous PLS-50 line of Pipe-less protein skimmers, where inch for inch the MOST powerful protein skimmer in the industry. at the inception of the original PLS-50 skimmer, we were aiming to make a 50G Protein skimmer as small as possible. when the Original PLS-50 first came out we included them into our 50G aquarium packages and the 39G Mini series AIO systems. Little that we know, that because of its ultra compact design by removing all the bulky pipes, valves and strategically placing the pump, we created a professional capacity skimmer like our larger ones into a body that can fit perfectly into Nano reef aquariums. Since then, the PLS-50 became the "Go-To" high performance protein skimmer on the market giving reef hobbyists a professional level performing protein skimmer that fits into their Nano's.

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