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"Think Less & Enjoy More" was our goal for the New Mini-II Nano reef systems. In the last 6 months of completely redesigning the Mini series line, we have done just that. With all of our latest filter innovations (Patented PLS-50 pipeless skimmers, NR-1 Bio-pellet reactor, LED lighting)  we give you direct "straight line" solutions to keep and maintain a thriving reef aquarium. The Mini-II Series combines all the BEST features to offer you a True professional grade AIO Reef system of Unmatched beauty. Through the 5 years of refinement of the Mini Series, the DNA of our Mini's are consistent with Ultra-Clear Low iron glass on ALL 5 panels, Professional performance Pipeless skimmers, Bio-pellet, Media reactors, 3W Bridgelux LEDs (550PAR), high flow pumps, total silence and individually built by True aquarium Artisans. From every detail, we have obsessed to bring you the BEST Reef Aquarium package on the market.

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