Industrial uPVC Plumbing parts

Why we choose uPVC plumbing for all of our products: Simply put: uPVC is superior in quality, performance and durability in all aspects in aquarium use. White PVC (SCH40) that you can buy from a home improvement store has “Plasticizers” added to it making it softer which can lead to lower durability as compared to Unplasticized PVC (uPVC). Not having plasticizers added to uPVC makes it much more rigid, stronger, incredibly resistant to chemical erosion and in our case with aquarium use, its superior non-corrosion properties make it the best choice for true professional results. Whether in construction, personal , residential or industrial use, uPVC is superior in performance and application as compared to PVC. Advantages of uPVC

*uPVC is rigid, durable and doesn’t flex. It does not corrode and is Truly non-corrosive that’s safe enough to transport drinking water, due to it not leaching chemicals into the water. This property makes it’s the best choice for aquariums and its sensitive livestock

*Smooth walls promotes movement of water

*uPVC contains NO toxic BPAs like standard PVC

*Abilities to handle applications of high pressure

*Fire resistant and recyclable

*Inhibits biological growth which prevents bacterial build up in the pipes.